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What is the Copemaster?

The Copemaster is a precision production coping machine. After making a template, the Copemaster can be operated by anyone to make 2, 4, 10, or a hundred copes. This results in dramatically speeding up the trim installation process. Quite simply: You can install more trim with perfect copes much faster.

What People Are Saying

"If you do extensive house trim, this is a machine you'll have to have. Not only does it accelerate the process, but every cut will be identical, taking skill out of the equation."


Writer | CabinetMaker Magazine

"We always mitered our baseboard inside corners. I was skeptical about the Copemaster saving us time. I thought it would actually take longer to cope. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised. The joints fit perfectly and it was much faster to install them than fitting miters."


Cabinet Maker | Bridgewater, CT

"We trimmed two large houses for a builder, back to back. Casing, two piece crown, chair rail, three piece base, etc. Without Copemaster: Three men, six weeks. That's six houses a year. With Copemaster, the same 3 men finished in 5 weeks. That is eight houses a year. You do the math. What an advantage!"



Trim Contractor | New Canaan, CT

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